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  1. Android cpu spy no deep sleep?
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Does anybody know by any chance what is causing these kernel wake locks? Jan 11, 47 8 Twin Prime likes this.

Update (March 25)

If im right Mobster is sense based so it should work. In case it wouldn't, keep the antrax zip on your sd so you can reflash it.

Flashed it. The kernel wakelocks still seem to be the same with this kernel. I probably have to give it a little more time but it's so hard to keep my hands off the phone because I want to check CPU Spy all the time for the results.

Bad standby – no deep sleep?

What an improvement! Thanks for telling me about this isn't kernel. Once installed it records all cell android cpu spy no deep sleep activity, giving you complete visibility of everything that occurs on the target cell phone. That"s never android cpu spy no deep sleep to happen. So the features available in Mobile Spy are more than enough for most people.

Bad standby - no deep sleep? - TechTablets

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