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  1. Hidden signs your partner might be cheating on you | The Independent
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  3. 15 Signs That She Is Cheating
  4. Is My Girlfriend Cheating? 6 Mistakes to Avoid if You Think She is
  5. 1# Her Scheduled Has changed Suddenly.

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The best defense, as the saying goes, is a good offense. While you want to leave room for self-examination here are you being jealous and too nosy? This usually goes hand-in-hand with a demand for more privacy. Her jealousy can show up in very different ways. She may start harassing you about every woman who passes on the street, insisting you were staring.

This will go double for any female friends or coworkers you have. In this case, they are all potential cheating girlfriends you are spending too much time with. Despite potential complaints about privacy in number 11, she may go so far as to grab your phone out of your hands every time you get a message or at least insist on knowing what every message and email is about.

Again, this goes double for any women you talk to. Alternatively, she may get playful and try to tease you into admitting you find someone else attractive. No matter how it manifests, this newly discovered jealousy is a very common symptom of someone trying to ease their own guilty conscience.

Turning you into the bad guy—or at least a guy with a mutual need to get out of the relationship—makes it easier for her to justify her own actions. It also helps push you further away , just like her need for privacy and her busy schedule.

Hidden signs your partner might be cheating on you | The Independent

Back then, she is telling you, she could excuse your faults. Now, they all stand out. This one requires some contrast with the past. The lack of seriousness in her intentions can be seen in more than just her conversation. Perhaps she keeps up the talk of one day settling down, but where do her actions point?

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  • How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating: 14 signs most men miss?
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Is she still into saving for a house or a big vacation, or has that become too much hassle? Watch to see if she tries to avoid saying the words —by changing the subject or just ignoring your effort. Otherwise, she may just mumble the three syllables to get it over with. This may extend as well to the less important stuff.

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Is she no longer willing to pick a movie or take a side in a friendly debate? Will she no longer choose a restaurant for dinner or tell you which tie looks best? This is one sign you can test out easily. Steer the conversation towards topics she has to make a choice about. New dresses, new shoes, new panties: is your partner buying a whole new wardrobe?

15 Signs That She Is Cheating

After reading this are you also:. Or is your girlfriend paying more attention to other things instead of enjoying time with you? In both of these cases, one thing is common. That is the weird behaviour of your girlfriend.

Thus, there are Reasons why your girlfriend cheats on you. Undoubtedly, girls check their phones more in comparison to the male counterparts. But the sudden increase in your phone conversations during the dinner date is a sign of trouble in the paradise.

Is My Girlfriend Cheating? 6 Mistakes to Avoid if You Think She is

The girlfriends love to spend time together. Thus, they often ask you to keep the mobile down.

Guy's reaction to his Girlfriend Caught Cheating!

But, are you more involved in the mobile conversations than talking to her? Then, it may become a reason that she will look for another person who will focus on her rather than the phone. This is one of the reasons why your girlfriend is cheating on you. Professional life is a part of living.

But, having no time for love is the saddest thing of all. The female lovers take time out from there routine to make you feel special. But receiving replies like, "Sorry I have a Meeting", "I need to go, have an important project in hand" makes her feel less important. In fact, cancelling your vacations at the last time can displease her. This is where your relationship hit the rocks and she feels more attracted towards another man. As a result, she gets involved with another relationship without moving out of this one.

You may be flying frequently for work. But, your regular visits to a particular place can make her feel insecure. Rather, she pinpoints it to you sometime. But, your unconvincing answer can make her feel that you are not interested to keep this relationship going. This can be one of the Reasons why your girlfriend cheats on you. Thus, your girlfriend would feel cheated and fall for another person. Will she be where she claims to be?

1# Her Scheduled Has changed Suddenly.

Will she be alone? So ask yourself: is she making efforts to be alone with her cell phone? Could she be sneaking away to call him?

Does she get mad if you try to watch over her shoulder? There could be a million reasons for your girlfriend to need to loan you her computer or phone. So why the change? Could she have something to hide? Judge for yourself, but know that this type of behavior is one of the most obvious signs that she is hooking up with someone else. There is a way to get the truth, though. People who cheatoften try to place the blame on their partner, to notice all his faults, in order to justify their actions and share the blame for the breach of trust.

Everything really depends on your character, but if you notice that your girl is on your back more than necessary, and without any real justification, you might start to wonder about the reason why! If your girlfriend is cheating on you, the situation at home is very different from the outside world. So it may be that shementions him, in a roundabout way, to find the strength to look you in the eye. Or about a new co-worker? Note here that the gender of the missing person does not matter.