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This is what phone tracking is all about. The phone tracker technology is quite complex, but it is fairly easy to get an idea of how it works. The technology measures the power level and antenna patterns of the mobile phone. Based on this data, the system can determine which transmission mast is closest to the device. As each mast has a sector in which it works, so the sector will show on the map. The technology works to determine the distance from the respective transmission tower to the mobile phone.

This is possible because all masts that are in a certain area will pick up the signal coming from the device. To them, the signal will come at different strengths, so with effective computation precise location is perfectly possible. It is also possible to track a mobile phone with the use of GPS. All smartphones that use this technology can be traced. However, the technology described above and based on GSM works for virtually all mobile phones, old and new, irrespective of their model or manufacturer. There are two main types of technologies with which you can pinpoint the location of a mobile phone.

The phone tracker technologies based on network location work exactly as described above. They use the existing network of a telecommunications company to detect a radio signal and to obtain the data necessary for determining the precise location of the phone. This technology works without interfering with the actual device. There is no need for the user to make any physical changes or install any software.

The accuracy of network-based technologies depends on the number of transmission towers in an area and on how closely they are positioned to one another. The higher the density of the towers is the more accurate the location results are and vice versa. In general, the accuracy depends on the hardware and software the system uses for locating the devices as well. Using device-based technology to track a mobile phone is also possible. In order for this type of tracking to work, the device must have a certain type of software program or a hardware chip installed.

In this way, the handset itself can emit a signal which the technology can pick up and compute so that the exact location of the device is identified. The problem with the device-based technology is that the software or hardware that has to be installed may not be compatible with the device itself.

Besides, the changes made to the phone may lead to issues with its operation. The user may not be able to make or receive calls. You have certainly seen in movies how the police locate the phone of a missing person as part of an investigation. Now you can track a phone as well. There are specifically designed services available to the public.

Even mobile phones that do not contain GPS devices can be tracked through nearby mobile phone towers. Mobile phones are designed to send out a signal to the towers in a constant state of readiness to call or be called. Phone companies keep historical logs of the locations of the phones, which law enforcement may ask for if they suspect a phone user has been doing something illegal.

Mobile Phone Tracker - Track any phone in the UK

You have to download the app onto phones with previous versions of the operating system, though the download only works on iOS 8 or higher. The app does not track people on Android or Windows devices. If you want to be able to track a phone just through its mobile phone signal then you might want to investigate wireless carrier offerings.

While GPS is more accurate, having a cellular option — especially when tracking children — can be reassuring in case someone turns the GPS off on the phone. Check your mobile phone to make sure you are indeed able to track your target individual. Myth 3 Mobile phone tracking apps require some programming skills to use In Google Play store and App store you will find more than a hundred mobile phone tracking apps in their online stores.

Trace Mobile number, Like Country and Telecom Operator Of United Kingdom.

By and large, the apps are easy to download and install. Beware, there is a lot of junk out there, so be picky with what app you download; as many can be fake. Look for reviews, and amount of downloads, if there are any. You have to download the app you want to use onto your phone and onto the phone you want to track. Tap on the app that suits your fancy, then press the Install icon to download the app onto the phone. Android makes it just as easy to download and install apps on your phone. Some of the most popular and tested mobile phone tracking apps include: FollowMee, Family Locator, and Glympse.

FollowMee is a popular app for Apple and Android phones. The app is straight-forward to install. Though you do need to install the app on the target phone, you do not necessarily have to install it on your own phone. You can track someone by logging on to your FollowMe account in any web browser. The user interfaces for the app and website are rudimentary; however, it is easy enough to navigate the website to get the job done.

Family Locator is a slick app that you install on the target phone at a minimum. If you would like a less covert approach to phone tracking — as in the case of keeping tabs on family members — then download the app onto your own phone. Recipients of the code confirm their permission to have their location tracked within the circle. With over , downloads of the app from the Android library and a rating of 4.

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Glympse is a cross-platform solution intended for members of groups running devices on any of Apple, Android or Windows platforms. The product is meant to enable people to see where each member of a group is and to organise activities based on their locations. Target phones do not require the Glympse app installed on them; however, the contact must explicitly accept your invitation to have their location tracked. If they accept the invitation, their location becomes visible to you on a map for an amount of time they designate.

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Location tracking in Glympse has up to a four-hour limit, which the person being tracked can extend for another four hours and so on until they choose to close the tracking session. For those for whom keeping track of a mobile phone is just not enough information about what a loved one is up to comes software that funnels more than just location information to watchers.

For instance, the gold standard software for parents is Teensafe. Employers and lovers distrustful of their partners can take mobile phone spying to a higher level with mSpy. Employers use the app on company phones to ensure their use stays within company policy. Users can also remotely take control of target mobile phones. The application also enables users to be able to read text messages from target phones that Skype, Viber, SnapChat, Tinder the dating app and other social media apps generate through their communications. And if you are not handy with technology, all you have to do is connect the target phone to a computer.

Then, call FlexiSPY tech support on the target phone. They have a remote installation service through which they can place their software so deep in the device it will be undetectable.

The Four Myths of Mobile Phone Tracking

That includes monitoring your spouse or girlfriend without their knowledge and perhaps causing them some distress through or because of the monitoring. The law also applies to companies that do not make it contractually clear to employees the organisation is monitoring their company phones.

Any proof the organisation finds through phone surveillance that an ill-informed employee has broken company policy cannot be used against the worker.